Farington School Children's Fashion and Fun Night

We're always on the look out for opportunities to be involved in community activities, and so are our parents. Following some, less than subtle hints, we were invited to open the fashion show, hosted by Amy's Happy Threads in Leyland town centre, at Farington Primary School on Thursday 17th May 2018.

With only 3 weeks notice creating an opening number with our Senior dancers is always going to be a challenge, and to make it even more so, we invited 4 of our Juniors along to give them the stage experience too. So with no time to spare we set to it and created our opening routine incorporating various dance styles and lifting and spinning our Juniors around the stage. And it was all done to the musical wonder that it "This Is Me" from the Greatest Showman.

The routine was such a success that our Seniors have since been asked to perform this routine again at a charity event. So we're already back to the rehearsal studio to tighten the routine up even more and get it truly showcase ready.