Welcome to our Musculoskeletal Clinic page

My goal here is simple, to correctly diagnose, treat and heal injuries efficiently and effectively, through thorough investigation of movement patterns and biomechanics of the individual. 

My work is so much more than fixing an injury, by working together to identify the origin of the injury or misalignment we can create a bespoke training program to make neurological pathways that will enable the patient to come back stronger.

As part of the Philip Cutts Pain Management and Rehabilitation Group, I can see dancers and athletes of all ages to help them begin or continue on their journey in a safe and strong path.


Initial Consultation
£65 up to 1hour

Book a consultation with Vikki and take your first steps towards recovery. She will discuss your medical history, assess your current condition, and begin a tailored therapy program to suit your individual needs.

Follow-up Session
£35 up to 1hour

During your follow-up session(s) your progress will be monitored and assessed. Any adaptations to your tailored therapy will be made to ensure a safe and speedy recovery.

Vikki is currently an apprentice at the Philip Cutts Pain Management and Rehabilitation Group and continuing her training in musculoskeletal dance therapy. All interactions are closely monitored by Philip Cutts, the founder of Musculoskeletal Dance Therapy. The prices reflect this and will increase with completion of her training.

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